Samuel Gilbert OOSH actively promotes sustainable practices this is achieved throughout our educational learning program, the local and wider environment this is highlighted in our services philosophy.

Along with our recycling programs and connections with the local council we have partnered with Bunnings to install water tanks, indoor and outdoor compost opportunities, worm farming and a drought resistant bush tucker garden.

The vegetable/herb  gardens provides opportunities to grow produce to share within our program, the school canteen and market stalls to raise funds for the services chosen charities. All year round our families are invited to contribute a gold coin and access the produce grown. The gardens have provided many learning opportunities and meaningful conversations, swapping produce and stories of family’s individual creations of vegetable gardens.

School partnerships are promoted with recycling appropriate containers, Clean Up Australia Day, drought hardy plantings, local wildlife, water conservation and items not utilised in composting collected as  chicken scraps daily.

We encourage families to contribute to our recycled collections including bottles utilised for many learning opportunities including for science experiments, within the garden, paper rolls, paper, cardboard boxes and glass jars. We continually engage with families through displays, newsletter items and opportunities to support community organisations such as Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs.

Some of our learning opportunities have investigated endangered species and yearly fundraising events for platypus and koala conversation. 

Our subscriptions to ECEEN, WWF, Taronga Zoo , Hills Council waste management,  Kids National  Geographic ensures that the service is keeping up to date with current information.

As identified in our quality improvement plan we have formed a subcommittee to continue to further investigate sustainable practices within the service, the local and wider community.

Sustainable Living Fact Sheets

Paint Back

Kangaroo Pouches

Officeworks recycling program

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs



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