Samuel Gilbert OOSH Philosophy

Our service promotes a strong sense of being and belonging through our diverse and engaging environment valuing play and leisure. We believe that all children are capable, competent, and active learners. We encourage all children to reach their full potential today and in the future.

Within our service, the best interests and needs of all individuals are equitably valued and supported. All children, educators and families are unique and respected, and have the right to meaningfully contribute to decision-making through collaborative partnerships. Children and families’ thoughts or feedback are documented through a range of processes. We actively prioritise physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of all children to reinforce a culture of inclusion and self-growth.

We respect the natural world we live in and are committed to ongoing improvement. Embedded into our service, we value the importance of educating and engaging in sustainable practices, providing opportunity for children to develop into concerned and global citizens.

Through our safe environment, we provide opportunities and experiences that are supportive of exploration and spontaneity. Our broad learning areas and play spaces, such as our Gamarada Area, successfully contribute to this statement.

We value an inclusive, clean and nurturing environment, where children’s needs are of utmost importance, and a high level of trust is displayed between educators and children. We encourage and facilitate learning in regards to nutrition and the importance of exercise, as well as provide healthy meals, and implement hygienic practices. We have a commitment to wellbeing, with our Be You committee embedding it within our regular practice via experiences, research and training for both educators, children and their families.

We acknowledge the Darug people, the traditional custodians of this land that we live, work, and play on. Our service promotes a greater understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and perspectives, through our daily program and practice. We encourage this learning through experiences focusing on art, sport, and language, as well as through excursions so we can enhance our connection to nature and the land.

Our team of educators are professional and cohesive and are supported by a dedicated management committee. Our service is committed to best practice in all areas and continuous improvement through reflective practices. This will be achieved by meaningful and constructive collaboration with children, educators, families, school, and the community.

Updated August 2023

Vision and Mission

Samuel Gilbert OOSH constantly strives to value, play and discover within our service and the wiser community. Our vision and mission align directly with our service policies and overall practices.

Sgoosh Vision and Mission

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